Super 8K Finish

Super 8K Finish

Super Mirror is a high gloss, polished finish, having a high degree of reflectiveness which can be done by 2B and BA finishes, also called No.8 or non-directional finish. It is produced by finer abrasives, and finishing with extremely fine buffing compounds. Vizinox Super 8K surface is blemish free and has perfect reflective quality.

We produce Super Mirror by chemical wet polish way which is different from dry polish as dry polish can achieve only No.7 finish, which is brighter than BA but directional lines on the surface are still visible. Our chemical wet polish process provides non-directional super mirror finish which is completely reflective without any line marks.

Stainless steel Super Mirror finish is easily fabricated but is not easily shattered like glass mirror. It is widely used in food preparation, ceiling and high pedestrian areas. Because of its uniform consistency and high reflectivity, it is also an excellent choice for panel to panel matching, which is suitable for architectural and decorative applications such as wall panels, kitchen equipments and artistic objects.

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